Blood Labwork & Video Conference


Office Visit ($225 value)
Blood Work ($185 value)
Blood Report ($75 value) – View Sample Report
History Evaluation
Written Blood Report and Analysis
Bloodwork From A Florida LabCorp Location
Color Coded Test Results
Patient Symptom Survey
Live Conference With Dr. David B. Tuchinsky D.C., PLLC



Routine Labwork

Blood Testing

Price includes routine labwork at any LabCorp location
Safe, quick, and comfortable
Comprehensive snapshot of your current
state of health
Catch potential health problems

patient friendly visual aid

Color Coded Test Results

Yellow is warning, Red is danger!, Blue is emergency!!
Compare any test side by side
List a total of 8 test panels of each test type
View progress over a significant timeline

Quick Reference Problems

Summary of Primary Findings

Easy and concise patient friendly report
Quick reference to all of the primary problems
Nutritional and supplement recommendations may be made
Correlate findings with abnormal test results, symptoms, and side effects of medications

Patient History

Online Patient Symptom Survey

Collecting patient history is simple, easy and electronic
Electronically incorporated into your report
Symptoms and side effects of medications may be
correlated with test results!

Video Web Conference

Live Meeting With A Doctor

Doctor with over 30 year of experience guaranteed
Analyze results and correlate your health symptoms to
your blood analysis.
The doctor may recommend individualized recommendations designed just for you